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Training workshops on EU Project Writing

11 November 2022
Training workshops on EU Project Writing
Countries: EU wide

Target group: Civil Society Professionals, Activists

Year: 2018

Subject: Project proposals’ writing

Type: Interactive, In-person


EU project writing is a skill. It requires both certain knowledge and capabilities. This course builds upon participants’ capacities in this respect by walking them through all the EU project writing steps and by enabling them to test their knowledge through a practical exercise. It was designed for fundraisers and EU project managers.

During 2018, ECAS also provided relevant tailor-made training services for organisations.

Course objectives

To equip participants with knowledge on:

·       DOs and DON’Ts in project writing

·       Practical examples

·       Useful tips

·       Facilitate the practical application of the knowledge acquired by the participants

Key learning points:

·       What must be done before you start writing your project.

·       What is a logical framework

·       EU project terminology

·       How to write a project (EU project structure)

·       How to develop a budget