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Training workshops on EU Funding

11 November 2022
Training workshops on EU Funding
Countries: EU wide

Target group: Civil Society Professionals, Activists

Year: 2018

Subject: Fundraising

Type: Interactive, In-person


EU funding programmes are diverse and numerous, covering many different policy areas, activities and geographic locations. This course gave a comprehensive overview of EU funding for the non-profit sector, from the policy basis and funding programmes to identifying funding opportunities.

It combined theoretical and practical sessions for participants to actively work on the newly acquired knowledge.

During 2018, ECAS also provided relevant tailor-made training services for organisations.

Course objectives

To equip participants with knowledge on:

·       The logic of EU funding

·       The EU policy framework

·       Identifying funding opportunities

·       Selected EU funding programmes

Key learning points:

·       How to make EU funding work for you

·       Understanding calls for proposals and tenders

·       Navigating EU funding programmes

·       Different types of funding available

·       Where to look for funding opportunities