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Training workshops on EU Advocacy

11 November 2022
Training workshops on EU Advocacy
Countries: EU wide

Target group: Civil Society Professionals, Activists

Year: 2018

Subject: EU level Advocacy

Type: In-person


Advocacy is an invaluable tool for influencing policy and policy-makers and making a difference where it matters most. Our advocacy training focuses on the EU level, aiming to provide the essential tools for building an advocacy strategy, developing alliances and making a difference on the policy issues that matter to participants.

It was created for people new to EU level advocacy and civil society organisations looking to prepare and implement EU advocacy strategies and campaigns. It combined theoretical and practical activities so that participants actively test their newly acquired knowledge and make it part of their everyday practice.

During 2018, ECAS also provided relevant tailor-made training services for organisations.

Course objectives

To equip participants with knowledge on:

·       What advocacy is and why it matters

·       The EU institutions and legislative process

·       Developing an advocacy strategy

·       Embedding EU advocacy

·       Digital advocacy

·       Making advocacy work for your organisation

Key learning points

·       Defining your goals and resources

·       Understanding the policy context

·       Identifying targets

·       Building a timeline

·       Crafting your message

·       Establishing alliances and networks

·       Choosing your activities

·       The advocacy roadmap