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Ilda Durri

18 April 2018

From a European Solidarity Corps trainee’s perspective, I consider myself lucky to have completed a legal traineeship at ECAS. I heard about ECAS high reputation in the field of EU Rights from the European Commission staff while I was doing my traineeship there. I became curious to have a look at the other side of the medal, concretely how an NGO contributes to EU Law.

This is how it all started and now that my traineeship is over, I can count the benefits. Not only professional, but also personal ones. I had a daily contact with EU Law situations in a wide range of forms. I was hearing citizens voice on their free movement right through everyday questions coming from them. Moreover, I had the opportunity to participate in trainings, webinars and other events on this topic in order to be updated with the latest developments.

I could see the dedication of the staff in managing citizens situations in the best way possible. I could see the staff putting dedication in everything that they do. I could see their good will in sharing their knowledge and being motivating and helpful in various cases.

After seeing so many benefits during my traineeship, I could not leave ECAS without expressing my gratitude to ECAS staff for highly contributing in changing my life. Thank you ECAS!