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Esra Inan

20 March 2017

EVS is a programme that gives you an opportunity when you do not necessarily have specific experience or knowledge but do have the will to learn and expand your abilities. ECAS treats its volunteers equally and fairly, which creates a safe space for achieving various tasks and improving yourself in many ways. What stands out the most in the twelve months I enjoyed as an EVS at ECAS, besides the diverse nature of Brussels, is being part of a hard working, active international team that supports each other at all levels in empowering citizens, CSOs and governmental bodies in policy making processes. I gained specific knowledge of the IPA project cycle and project management beside citizen support services both in Europe and in pre-accession countries in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

There were three main components of my EVS experience, which you could think of as characters in a story: Brussels, ECAS and me. All three had an equal share and power in my one year course and together we created a very appealing and memorable story. Anyone interested should start creating one of their own.