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Lenneke Huijser

EU Rights Events and Outreach Intern
As an EU Rights Events and Outreach Intern, Lenneke’s main responsibilities are to

  • Organise events;
  • Map and outreach to relevant stakeholders;
  • Draft meetings’ minutes and events’ reports;
  • Draft content for social media;
  • Deliver logistical support to the ECAS’s EU Rights activities.


Before joining ECAS, Lenneke acquired experience organising intercultural events for Active Bulgarian Society to stimulate youth engagement in local Bulgarian communities and to spread awareness about EU-related topics. In July 2023, she finished her master’s degree in East European Studies, through which she gained knowledge about civil society issues in the eastern and central parts of Europe.

Her European Studies Bachelor’s programme with a minor in European culture at the University of Amsterdam allowed her to deepen her understanding of citizenship issues in Europe and its complex relations with EU decision-and policymaking processes.