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Smart eDemocracy Against Fake News

Smart eDemocracy Against Fake News (SMART eD) aims to foster European citizenship and improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level by raising citizens’ awareness of national and EU level initiatives to counter fake news and online disinformation. The project will create an online repository with all the project outcomes, and will provide recommendations for EU policy-makers on strategies and methodologies for the smart use of eDemocracy tools to counter the negative impact of fake news.

The project partners will carry out the following activities across the EU:

  • Conduct a survey in each project country – namely Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Greece and France – analysing citizens’ attitudes, habits, needs and ideas on the issue.
  • Organise a high-level international experts’ meeting to discuss the survey outcomes, share views and develop a methodology for a one-day programme for local events.
  • Organise 2 local events per country, bringing together citizens from rural and semi-rural areas to discuss existing EU initiatives.
  • Organise a final conference in Brussels to present the project outcomes and conduct an EU level dialogue involving citizens, NGOs, activists, experts, media and policy-makers.

The project will directly involve 490 people from 7 countries – Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece and France – and the key messages will be disseminated in English, French, Czech, Greek, Slovenian, Latvian and Estonian.

This project is implemented in partnership with the following organisations:

September 2018 – December 2019

ECAS will be actively involved in the project to ensure quality and EU scope. More specifically, ECAS will:

  • Participate in the high-level experts’ meeting, and present the EU level initiatives to counter fake news;
  • Ensure quality control of the methodology used in the one-day programme and the final recommendations;
  • Ensure the EU scope and quality of the online repository and its content;
  • Organise the concluding conference in Brussels in cooperation with ManaBalss.lv;
  • Liaise with EU decision-makers;


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