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Production of Human Stories Videos Tender 1

In view of launching a human stories campaign in early 2024 to illustrate the diversity of reasons that drive mobility in the European Union, especially those linked with values and emotions, ECAS will commission to an experienced contractor the development of a 10 visually attractive and dynamic videos of up to 5 minutes.


A study implemented within the framework of the REMINDER Horizon 2020 project – Evidence of the Determinants of Migration – reveals the complexity and inter-relatedness of reasons driving mobility. The study illustrates that the considerations shaping intra-EU mobility can be highly diverse and challenge conventional understandings of EU migration as largely determined by work and family. Rather, educational and career development opportunities, the desire for new experiences and challenges, preferences for particular cultures, lifestyles, political and legal systems, social norms and the pursuit of self-knowledge are highly relevant in many EU citizens’ mobility decisions.

The ECAS series of human stories based on interviews with a wide range of EU mobile citizens: pensioners, nomads, students, artists, those living in urban or in rural areas, those of different ages, social backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender will therefore portray and provoke discussions in the Member States (to be held in 2024) that intra-EU mobility decisions as the outcome of rational cost-benefit analysis cannot be explained and generalised without due regard to the significance of individual character traits, values, feelings and aspirations, and how these change over time and based on new experiences. The activity is part of The European Citizenship Accelerator (EURECA) project, co-funded by the European Commission, Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme.

Task and Deliverables

The successful candidate will develop and present for ECAS approval a detailed visual and content concept for the series of 10 Human Stories Videos. The contacts of interviewees will be provided to the contractor by ECAS. Upon approval of the draft concept, the contractor will undertake the filming and editing the videos, each of which will be up to 5 minute long. The contractor will be also asked to produce a shorter (up to 2:20 minutes long) versions of each video for use on social media, made available in 16:9, in square and in vertical format. The contractor will also produce one combined video of up to 5 minutes featuring strong messages from all the 10 human stories, and a short (up to 30 second long) promo clip to promote the entire series. Subtitles in English and other languages must be provided for each video.All production should be of broadcast quality.

Timeframe of Production

April 01 – October 30, 2023.

Budget Ceiling

EUR 15 000, VAT included

Note: Travel budget will be provided in addition

Processing of personal data 

The reply to any tender procedure involves the recording and processing of personal data (such as name, e-mail, and address). Such data will be processed pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. Unless indicated otherwise, the questions and any personal data requested that are required to evaluate the application in accordance with the recruitment notice will be processed solely for that purpose by ECAS.

Nominal Publication 

Personal data collected in the context of this tender will be processed in accordance with the ECAS Privacy Policy. Your name may be published in the ECAS website if selected as a contractor, but only after the selection process is over.

How to Apply

The candidates will submit:

  • a general concept for the video series
  • bios of key staff, e.g. director, cameraman, editor
  • proof of experience, video portfolio and any relevant samples of work
  • a financial offer

Note: both production companies and individuals are welcome to apply.

Application Deadline

12.00 CET, March 10th, 2023

Application Form

Here you can find the application form. 

Frequently Asked Question

Do you already know where the different portraits/interviews will be located? Will they all be here in Brussels (or Belgium), or in several EU Countries?

The location of the shooting of the videos will be chosen according to the resident place of the people we choose to interview. At the moment we cannot confirm the exact locations, but have in mind that there is a possibility to travel to other EU countries. The transport will be arranged separately from the indicated budget.

In case the different EU citizens are located in Brussels/Belgium, could we imagine conducting several interviews/day to reduce production costs?

If some of the citizens we choose for the Human stories videos are based in one location, it is up to the contractor to organise the shooting of more than one video per day.

Will you provide a canvas of questions or do you want us to propose/provide?

Once the main characters in each video have been identified, a list of questions will be provided by ECAS. The Contractor however will be expected to build up on those questions with regards to expanding the storyline and to create a visually appealing and intriguing story.

Could we imagine producing every video in the same production workflow, or do you want them to be produced one by one? Do you have a particular broadcast schedule?

We don’t have a particular broadcast schedule. However, the timeframe of production of the videos is between 1st of April and 31st of October. The publication and dissemination of all videos must be done before the end of 2023.

Do you provide the transcripts and translations of the interview or do we have to foresee this in the budget proposal?

The transcripts of the interviews will be provided by the Contractor, in the original language of the interviews, as well as the subtitles (again, in the original language of the interviews). If the original language is not English, English subtitles must be provided too. The translation in other languages of the approved subtitles, however, will be made by ECAS and the contractor role will be to create the subtitles of the translated languages. 

For that purpose, please indicate the price of subtitling per hour. 

To how many languages should the subtitles be translated?

Each video should have English subtitles. Subtitles in the original language should be also included, if the interview is not in English.

What are the end deliverables and what are their formats?

The final deliverables must contain the following attributes:

  • Detailed visual and content concept of the series
  • 10 videos up to 5 minutes, in 3 versions: 16:9, square and vertical; mp4 format; subtitles in English and in the original language, if the interview is not in English. 
  • 10 teaser videos up to 2’20 minutes, in 3 versions: 16:9, square and vertical; mp4 format; English subtitles and subtitles of the original language of the interview
  • 1 video up to 5 minutes, featuring strong messages from all the 10 human stories in 3 versions: 16:9, square and vertical; mp4 format; subtitles in English and in the original language, if the interview is not in English. 
  • 1 teaser video up to 2’20 minutes of the combined video; English subtitles and subtitles of the original language of the interview