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Members Profile – Meet Caritas Europa

30 April 2019

Caritas Europa is the regional network of 49 members in 46 countries, which makes it one of the major social actors in Europe. Their activities vary among countries but all share the heartfelt commitment to fight poverty and social exclusion.

Caritas Europa promotes true integral human development, social justice and sustainable social systems in Europe and throughout the world.

Ahead of the European Parliament elections in May, the organisation has put together an invitation for citizens to recognise the power of their vote on its website. Their call for the next EU institutions is for the leaders to live up to the founding values of the EU: solidarity, democracy, equality, social justice, respect of human dignity and human rights. Some European Parliament candidates have already committed “to leave no one behind” and are now part of the dedicated to the cause photo gallery, which can be viewed at

Caritas Europa wants a social Europe where future EU leaders adopt the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development as the guiding framework for all policies.

You can view Caritas Europa website here.