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Launch: Open Online Course on Digital Participation

20 April 2021
Getting involved online is almost indispensable for citizens that want to trigger change in their community, region, country or in the EU. With no doubt, there is massive potential in using digital tools. But how can we get our heads around all the possibilities out there: online petitions, European citizens’ initiatives, online monitoring tools and digital campaigns – just to name a few. Especially young, motivated and dynamic people that just want to get stated in public political life need to know what to use best.

To provide citizens with these tools, we are launching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called “Civics 4.0: active citizenship and participation in the digital age” on 4 May 2021. It is hosted on the UNED Abierta MOOC platform. The course has been developed within the context of the Erasmus+ project “NEXUS – Promoting the Nexus of Migrants through active citizenship”. ECAS is a proud project partner in NEXUS.


Course Content

The course will provide insights on skills and digital tools needed in order to be an active digital citizen. It is based on a collection of relevant concepts, sources, initiatives and resources on digital civic engagement and participation. The MOOC follows a very practical approach and does not only rely on theory or concepts.


The course is open for anyone that wants to broaden their horizon on this matter. This counts especially for students from diverse backgrounds, who are interested in digital civic education and digital participation. There are no entry requirements. To pass the MOOC, a time period of 6 weeks is envisioned. However, every participant can take the course at their own pace.

Multimedia approach

The course content is composed of videos, readings and activities such as self-evaluation tests, forum discussions and collaborative tasks. This ensures an engaging and multi-media experience for every learner.


Subscription, participation and access to all materials are totally free, and participants who complete the course will receive an open badge. Registration is open and it will be until the last week of the course!