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Improving Inclusion of EU Mobile Citizens (IMPEU)

The aim of the project Improving Inclusion of EU Mobile Citizens (IMPEU) is to foster political participation of EU mobile citizens and enhance capacity and knowledge of civil servants and relevant national, regional and local experts on EU citizenship and related political rights.

The first phase of the project will focus on the research into best practices on political inclusion policies across the European Union. The project partners will identify obstacles faced by EU mobile citizens when claiming their EU citizenship rights. Finally, they will also analyse civil servants’ training needs related to political participation of EU mobile citizens. This will be done through desk research, online surveys, citizens’ dialogues and roundtables gathering representatives of policy-makers.

Based on that, in the second phase, a needs-based training course will be developed for civil servants and relevant national, regional and local experts. The course will be available on an online training platform, while additional material will be also developed for the trainers to administer and facilitate the delivery of the program. Relevant and tailored information on EU citizenship will be also available for citizens, public officials, civil servants and experts through provision of online information toolkits and establishment of Info Kiosks.

The project is funded by Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission and is implemented by ECAS in consortium with:

1 December 2018 – 30 November 2020

ECAS will:

  • Develop comparative analysis of existing best practices for political inclusion policies in EU28 and transferability assessment
  • Produce a report on civil servants’ training needs based on the survey in five partner countries
  • Develop Good Practice Guide including 20 transferable good practices of inclusion policies
  • Write policy recommendations on political inclusion policies for EU mobile citizens
  • Develop Q&A Citizen Toolkit “Know Your Rights as European citizen”
  • Organize in Brussels an Info Day to present the IMPEU results and inform the wider audience about mobile EU citizens’ rights
  • Host two citizen dialogues and two roundtables for policy-makers in Brussels in order to discuss political  participation of mobile EU citizens and civil servants’ training needs
  • Organize the final European Conference gathering 250 participants on-site and online


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