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Civil Society Accelerator

Service Description

New and old Civil Society Organisations in Europe are at the heart of European Development.  Article 15 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU) recognises civil society’s role in European good governance. While activists in Europe are determined to promote innovation and social justice on various causes, they need to also devote time and energy to the governance of their organisation and the effective management of their movement. This can prove a challenging task.

ECAS has been successfully leading advocacy and social innovation projects in the EU for more than 30 years. Its dynamic network of Civil Society stakeholders in Brussels and Europe results in vast expertise in tools, processes, and contacts that small NGOs may use to achieve their mission.

We dispose state of the art legislation analysis skills and a strong understanding of the European Civil Society best practices.

In our efforts to be present and support the uptake of local civil society all over Europe we developed the Civil Society Accelerator (CSA). CSA is a community service provided by ECAS in an effort to support citizens and small Civil Society Organisations (CSO) maximize their impact and achieve their EU related mission!

Areas of Mentoring and goals your CSO can achieve with support from our experts

CSA main areas


  • What internal rules and procedures may guarantee sound financial management?
  • How to outsource service such as accounting/ Comms consultancy, etc?
  • What provisions you should consider including in your tender?
  • How to identify the most advantageous offer?
  • How to ensure smooth transition?


  • What should you take into account when developing a Programme Strategy?
  • How to break down 4-year programmes into concrete annual Action Plans – the budgetary implications?
  • What is the role of the Board, and how can one engage their Board for the development of an insightful strategy?
  • How to develop milestones and indicators to measure progress and success?


  • How to increase motivation in your team?
  • How to ensure fair and transparent treatment?
  • How to streamline capacity-building activities for your team for the increase of internal expertise (thematic and functional)?


  • How to battle disinformation narratives against your organisation and its mission?
  • How to counter conspiracy theories and fake news circulating in the communities you are addressing?
  • How to build coalitions fighting disinformation?


  • How to reach advocacy objectives protecting EU Rights?
  • How to make the most out of the institutional mechanisms: Super complaint to Commission – Petitions to the parliament – Ombudsman?
  • Success stories – Obstacles – Best Practice.
  • Tailer made advice to the challenges your target audience faces.
  • What are the challenges EU citizens face in my country in regards with their Entry, Residence and Voting Rights? How to better advocate for these cases?


  • How to organise your volunteers?
  • How to reach a wide audience and activate citizens for your mission?
  • How to collect citizens’ concerns and recommendation to promote your EU related mission?

Send us your request here and we will allocate your enquiry to the suitable ECAS expert and they will set up a meeting with you!