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European Voluntary Service (EVS)

European Voluntary Service

Since 2007, ECAS has been coordinating and hosting volunteers from across Europe to enjoy a life experience in the European capital under the European Voluntary Service (EVS).

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In June 2015, we renewed our accreditation as a hosting and coordinating organisation with the Belgian National Agency for Erasmus+ Bureau International de la Jeunesse (BIJ). Our PIC number is 959974469.

We have been accredited for the following topics, which correspond to our areas of work:

  • EU Citizenship, Awareness and Democracy
  • Social Dialogue
  • Reaching the Political Level / Dialogue with Decision-Makers

In addition, we also offer projects enhancing digital competences and supporting youth participation.

We have been accredited as an EVS coordinating and hosting organisation under Erasmus+ until 2020.

Our current project runs from February 2016 – January 2017

ECAS has been accredited as a coordinating and hosting organisation for EVS until 2020.

As a coordinating organisation we submit the project application, coordinate the project in cooperation with the sending organisations and distribute the Erasmus+ grant among the participants and partner organisations. We ensure that the volunteers receive the EVS info kit and participate in the required pre- and post-training and evaluation sessions. We also coordinate with the sending organisations to ensure that the volunteers fulfill all the administrative requirements when they arrive to Belgium and provide them support in their learning process.

As a receiving organisation, we provide personal support to the volunteers to integrate in the hosting community and look for proper accommodation and offer them guidance and training to fulfill their tasks. We also support them in their self-learning process and in making progress towards the agreed learning outcomes. Finally, we encourage and support the volunteers to take part in learning and training opportunities.