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Freedom of Movement Training – Luxembourg (in English)

05 July 2024

Country: Luxembourg

Target Group: Civil Servants and Civil Society Organisations

Date: 08 October 2024 (09h to 13h)

Language: English

Subject: Freedom of movement of EU citizens and their family members

Format: In person (Brussels) and Online (Webex)

What is it for me – Learning Objectives: This session for Civil Servants and Civil Society Organisations aims to increase their awareness on current obstacles to freedom of movement and further develop their knowledge on the Free Movement Directive (2004/38), as well as the Guidance published by the European Commission on December 6th 2023.

With over 25 years of experience in advising thousands of citizens on their EU Rights by managing Commission’s Your Europe Advice service, ECAS has accumulated in-depth knowledge on the obstacles encountered by EU citizens when exercising their freedom of movement and moving from one Member State to another.

We are hosting a free of charge training for Civil Servants and Civil Society Organisations with the goal to increase the awareness of local administrations and civil society on current obstacles to freedom of movement, by providing the tools to interpret and implement Directive 2004/38 on the right of citizens of the Union and their family members to move and reside freely in the EU.

The training is interactive, which allows attendees to actively participate, and to develop new synergies.

Meet our expert – Ulla Willert Bortignon

Ulla Willert Bortignon is a Danish – Italian lawyer. Ulla became Attorney at Law (Avvocato) in Italy and registered with the Milan Bar Association. In the same year, she obtained a PhD in Philosophy and General Theory of Law and then collaborated with the Universities of Milan and Bergamo. Ulla has been working for many years as a Danish legal expert for the European Commission’s “Your Europe Advice”, an advice service for the public, provided by legal experts from all EU countries and managed by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS). Since 2015, she expanded her legal activity towards Luxembourg and Trier, where she lives with her family.