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Ensuring a Digital Transformation that Leaves No One Behind

02 November 2022
Countries: Ireland, Portugal, Latvia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece

Year: 2022, 2023

Subject: Digital Transformation

Building on its work in the framework of the Digital Transformation Cluster of the Civil Society Convention on the Future of Europe in 2021 (see full cluster recommendation paper) ECAS is carrying out, in collaboration with its members, interactive, a co-creation event series “Ensuring a Digital Transformation that Leaves No One Behind”.

Each event includes an introduction by a national expert, an outline of EU’s Digital Policies and main developments in the areas of Digital Democracy, Digital Economy, Digital Education, Digital Safeguards, and Digital Rights, the main challenges towards inclusion Civil Society has identified and a structured questionnaire with closed and open-ended questions, through which participants propose solutions and engage with EU policy. The (anonymous) responses are presented live and feed into the event discussion. Everyone can take part in the conversation. To ensure more citizens can take part in this exercise, our events are hybrid.

Local partners and experts


The Wheel – A National Association of Community and Voluntary Organisations, Charities and Social Entreprises

The Consultation Institute – A well-established not-for-profit best practice Institute, promoting high-quality public and stakeholder consultation in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Digital Transformation Expert: Dr. Anne-Marie McGauran


One Source – An IT company specialized in the fields of data communications, security, networking and systems management, including the consultancy, auditing, design, development and lifetime administration of specialized IT solutions for corporate networks, public-sector institutions, utilities and telecommunications operators.

Digital Transformation Expert: Luis Cordeiro

Latvia :

My Voice – The organization’s mission is to build and strengthen the digital democracy ecosystem in Latvia and the world.

Digital Transformation Expert: Gatis Ozols, Deputy State Secretary on Digital Transformation issues, The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development