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ECI Webinars

08 November 2022
Countries: All EU Member States

Target group: ECI organisers

Year: 2018-ongoing

Subject: European Citizens’ Initiative, Citizen Engagement formats and techniques, Fundraising, EU level Advocacy

Type: Informational, Online

To support citizens that consider starting an European Citizens’ Initiative, the Commission launched the ECI Forum, managed by ECAS.

We are organising and carrying out Webinars regularly (see the Learn Section of the Forum) to support ECI organisers’ efforts in collecting 1 million statements of support.

Examples of Topics include:

The ECI step by step:

  • What are the different procedural steps of the European Citizens’ Initiative and how the new regulation improved the whole process?
  • How did an organiser of a successful initiative experience the different stages?
  • What are the key issues organisers should focus on at different stages?
  • What is the European Citizens’ Initiative Forum and what are the different support functions it offers organisers throughout the different stages?

Collecting signatures for your citizens’ initiative:

  • What are the main suggestions for preparing an effective signature collection strategy and gain support for your initiative?
  • How does collecting signatures for a European Citizens’ Initiative look like on a practical level (which languages, platforms, and channels to use and how)?
  • How to successfully collect signatures during COVID-19 restrictions?