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In her position as Research Assistant, Lorène’s main responsibilities are:

  • Undertaking research on populism in specific European countries and regions;
  • Conducting interviews and report on conferences;
  • Organising and reporting on focus groups;
  • Contributing to the dissemination of surveys in relevant networks and targeted audiences.

Before joining ECAS she was a Research Assistant for the Robert Schuman Foundation in Paris. She has been a member of the NGO of the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) for more than three years. She is currently a member of the editorial board of the online magazine The New Federalist, as the Chief Translator English/French.

She has been involved in LGBT+, gender equality and environmental associations, and has been an active member of the Creative Writing Society of her College promotion.

 has a Master’s degree in European Affairs (Sciences Po Bordeaux, France) and a Master of Arts in European Political and Governance Studies (College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium). She wrote her Master’s thesis about the perspectives to reform the European elections through the enhancement of the European political parties and the Spitzenkandidaten system.

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