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Europe+ Civil Society for the Renewal of European Democracy


Europe+ (Civil Society for the Renewal of European Democracy) is a broad grass-roots alliance initiated by the European Movement International which brings together over 40 organisations from civil society calling for renewed and better functioning democracy in the EU.

Founded over the past year, during a time when Europe has been facing testing political and economic challenges, Europe+ was recently officially launched at the European Parliament. A transparent and inclusive space for debate created by, and for civil society, Europe+ aims to design a constructive regeneration of the European project. Consisting of 43 European civil society organisations and trade unions, Europe+ works together for positive democratic change in the EU through the active and better involvement of citizens in representative and participative democracy, policy changes and institutional reforms.

What Does ECAS Do?

  • Participates actively in the Steering Committee of the Alliance and contributes to the work of its communication task force.
  • Participated in awareness raising campaign for the European Parliament elections.
  • Takes active part in the analysis and further elaboration of article 11 of the Treaty of Lisbon.
  • Pilots innovative tools for citizens’ engagement and civil society dialogue.



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