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Project Description

My Mobility Mentor (MMM) works with migrant workers in Romania and Bulgaria who are travelling to Belgium, Italy, and the UK for employment. MMM targets 20- 30 individuals from Romania and Bulgaria, who are the most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse (seasonal, agricultural, service sector workers), and connects them with migrant rights mentors in their host countries. This partnership ensures that migrant workers have all the necessary information on their legal rights, that they know what type of working conditions and cultural differences to expect in their host countries, and that they have a mentor who they can call upon when in need of advising.

Project Goals

  • Creating a network of rights advisors who empower migrant workers through the dissemination of information and knowledge of migrant workers’ rights within the EU.
  • Building a mentorship program where migrant workers have a “go-to- person” who they can solicit to seek assistance when facing problems in the host country work environment.
  • Developing a larger network of free movement advisors who can link their practical needs for knowledge sharing and problem-solving methods with one another.
  • Potential future expansion to a larger European wide network of mentors and workers from a variety of home and host countries.

What we do?

  • The network of rights advisors provides and distributes information to EU migrant workers through:
    • A Dedicated Web Hub managed by ECAS
    • Pre-Departure Information Meetings
    • Post-Arrival “Town-Hall” Meetings
    • Feedback and Evaluation Meetings during the migrant stay in the host country
  • Legal Support provided through:
    • The mentoring of workers in each destination country
    • A secure members-only free movement discussion focusing on monitoring information sources, providing data on cases handled by the partners and proposals for a wider network.

What’s next?


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