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Uimpact Launch

Join our Active Citizens for Common European Solutions initiative!

Today, as part of the U-impact project, of which ECAS is a partner, we are launching the Active Citizens for Common European Solutions initiative (ACCES).

Deeply concerned by the lack of a common European approach to the current migrant crisis in Europe and by the threat this poses to such founding principles of the Union as solidarity and freedom of movement, we have drafted a letter calling for an active involvement of European citizens in all EU member states, candidate countries and in the European Neighborhood in discussing and finding sound policy decisions to address this crisis. This letter will be sent to the Members of the European Parliament in the relevant committees, as well as to other EU decision-makers and stakeholders.

Watch the video of the launch of initiative and find out how you can support this cause!

If you are interested in this initiative you may support it, either as a citizen or as a civil society organization, in two complementary ways: either by sending us your statement of support through the online form provided  or by individually signing the letter and send it to your national MEPs. If you choose to sign the letter and send it individually to your MEPs, kindly inform us about the recipient for our dissemination records.

We invite you also to follow us on the social media @UImpactNet  and visit our Facebook page for updates on the progress of this initiative!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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