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European Citizen’s House (ECH)

Project Description

The European Citizens House is a virtual web-based house based on three C’s: citizen’s rights, civil society, and citizen’s participation. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of a European public sphere and a more open and democratic European Union (EU) at the service of European citizens. This project is non-partisan and is targeting both the European organised part of civil society and individual citizens aiming to engage “the unengaged”.

What we do?

  • C1-Citizen’s Rights: The key service here is the EU Rights Clinic which has a mission of problem-solving of difficult cases through collective action and contribution to improvements in European policy and legislation.
    The section also provides detailed information on the different instruments for European citizen’s rights enforcement – petitions to the European parliament, complaints to the European commission, access to documents and requests to the European Ombudsman. One can read success stories and can also join an initiative.
  • C2-Civil Society: The section functions as a Resource centre on European issues and civil society. Different types of databases and information will be built up gradually to bring together contacts, models of best practice and research results from Europe. In the first phase it is planned to concentrate on providing advice on funding for cross-border civil society projects as well as opportunities for finding partners and making one’s voice heard with the EU
  • C3-Citizen’s Participation: The virtual house will be a repository for techniques of citizen participation. There one could find an interactive space both public and secured where citizens will have the opportunity to participate, initiate and shape discussions between themselves and with the EU Institutions. Information on current consultations on EU policies and legislation important for civil society will enable easy contributions and input.
    Extensive information on the background, the framework and the current European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECI) as well as an on-line help desk can help you initiate an ECI.

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