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ECAS News Flash: ECAS’s Call for a Citizen Centric EU | CSO Recommendations for an Effective #ConferenceofEurope | New European Citizens’ Initiative Forum

Welcome to the latest edition of the ECAS Newsletter!

From the European elections and Brexit negotiations to widespread citizen movements, 2019 was marked by many significant events demanding change.

In 2019, ECAS witnessed a 40% increase in citizen enquiries submitted to ‘Your Europe Advice’, concerning the exercise of EU rights. Citizens want to shape the EU agenda and are searching for methods to do so. One promising way in which the European Commission intends to meet these demands is by holding the Conference on the Future of Europe starting in 2020. In preparation for it, ECAS contributed to a set of civil society organisations (CSOs) recommendations which can ensure that it is an effective process with concrete outcomes.

In this issue, you will find the full set of recommendations, along with:

preview 1.1

preview 1.2

…and much more! Access the full issue here.

We wish you a pleasant reading! For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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