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Download now the ECI table and ECI infographic and know more about ECIs!

The ECI Support Centre has released two information sheets on the ECI, to prepare the debate for the upcoming ECI DAY.

The data collected over the past three years show the following:

  • There is a clear division East –West Europe regarding the main promoter of the initiatives. The majority of the initiatives have been proposed by organisations, individuals coming from France and Germany.
  • Most of the initiatives coming from France have been proposed by young people being successful to register. Unfortunately no follow-up and adequate campaign strategy has been but no major follow-up has been
  • If it is true that 6 million signatures have been collected by the 27 ECI registered, we can also observe that most of these signatures were collected during the first two years of existence of the instrument.
  • Social and environmental policies are a main concern for European citizens, according to the ECI proposed.
  • European organisations and political parties (national mainly) are using more and more the ECI as an instrument to influence decision-making

Download the ECI Infographic:


Download the ECI TABLE:

ECI table


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