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ECAS membership

As of 1 January 2018, ECAS is implementing a new mission-driven and free-of-charge membership, which offers access to a new package of services for our Members, both organisations and individuals.

This package includes:

  • Daily media updates on the latest news concerning European issues and Brexit;
  • Monthly legal updates on EU rights;
  • ECAS’ bimonthly newsletter;
  • Promotion of Members’ projects and activities through our media channels;
  • Free access to ECAS Members’ Room – an online platform reserved to our members and designed to reflect ECAS’ focus area;
  • Participation in annual informal meetings/webinars on EU Rights and Digital Democracy;
  • Participation in ECAS General Assembly as Governing Members (only for Organisations).

For more detailed information about the free-of-charge services reserved to our Members, please contact us at or consult our Membership Plan.


Only non-profit organisations, public bodies and individuals who comply with the following membership criteria are eligible to be part of ECAS’ network of members:

  • ECAS’ members must subscribe to ECAS’ Mission and Vision;
  • Non-profit organisations that apply for ECAS’ membership must be recognised as a legal entity according to the law of the country in which they are based;
  • Commercial organisations and political parties cannot be granted ECAS membership.
  • Politically affiliated organisations can join ECAS’ network, as long as they do not involve ECAS in politically partisan activities.

According to ECAS’ Statutes, ECAS’ members can choose between two categories of membership:

  • Governing Members and
  • Ordinary Members.

Being a Governing Member requires:

  • a status of a non-profit organisation and
  • a commitment to attend ECAS’ General Assembly meetings or to be represented

For more information about ECAS’ Membership, please consult Article 6 of ECAS’ Statutes at the following link.

You can request to join our network of members today by filling in the membership application form available at the following link and emailing it to

Your application will be submitted to ECAS’ Board of Directors for approval and, if successful, you will receive a communication confirming your membership of ECAS.

For further information, contact us!

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