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ECAS has nearly 30 years' experience organising high-level events in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe.

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Training Centre and Tailor-Made Services

Are you a citizen, NGO, grassroots movement, social entrepreneur or q socially-responsible company with the interest in making a difference at the EU level? Then you have come to the right place!

ECAS provides tailor-made services to civil society organisations and citizens based on individual requests. These services include a large variety of online and offline activities, ranging from research and analysis on EU issues, organising study tours, internships, and conferences to technical assistance and capacity-building.

As part of its capacity-building services, ECAS offers customised training modules on:

EU Funding Opportunities Post-2020
EU Project Writing
EU Advocacy and/or EU Campaigning
Fundraising for CSOs
Project Management
Democratic Innovation for Change
E-participation for Citizens and CSOs
Countering Online Disinformation

Why choose ECAS?

ECAS has nearly 30 years of experience providing capacity-building services to civil society organisations and citizens across Europe, including training and technical assistance, event organisation and advocacy advice. Our expertise in EU fundraising and projects, advocacy and events, among other things, derives from our many years working on projects and campaigns with partners throughout Europe, our close connections with the EU institutions and our pan-European network of members.

Meet the Trainers


Assya Kavrakova
ECAS’ Executive Director

With over 20 years’ experience in managing diverse projects and activities, Ms Kavrakova has an excellent knowledge of EU project management and a successful track record in EU fundraising.

Petar Markovic
ECAS Citizens’ Rights Training Coordinator

Petar holds a PhD in European Studies and Political Theory. He has an extensive track record of experience with institutional channels of eparticipation.


Elisa Lironi
ECAS Senior Manager European Democracy

Elisa has a strong track record campaigning and advocating at EU level for ECAS, the Union of European Federalists and the Party of European Socialists.

Flavio Grazian
ECAS Participatory Democracy Manager

Flavio focuses on Online Disinformation and Media Literacy and supports the implementation of activities related to ECAS’ Digital Democracy Agenda.

Upcoming courses

In 2020, ECAS will be offering training courses on demand only.

If you are interested in a personalised training for your organisation, please fill in the form below stating your specific needs and we will get back to you soon with a proposal! Or contact us explaining us what you are looking for and see how we can accommodate your request.

Past Experience and References

Training sessions

Conferences & Events

Technical Assistance

  • The IMPACT Office for Cross-sector Partnership and Civic Dialogue – Brussels Office (BO) established in October 2009 as a result of cooperation between the National Foundation for Civil Society Development (NFCSD) and ECAS provided tailor-made advice and support to CSOs in Croatia in order to sustain their capacity and enhance their skills and expertise in a Europe-wide context. Website: http://www.impact-center.eu/frontpage
  • Technical assistance to the Open Society Foundation in Albania (Good Governance and EU Integration Program) on the methodology for conducting “Civic Monitoring of the Progress of Albania in the Implementation of the First Phase of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (2009-2014)”. This includes training the team of experts in Tirana, provision of feedback to the Monitoring Report and support to the outreach activities on the main findings.
    Website: http://www.soros.al/


Interested in personalised services for your organisation? Fill in the form below stating your specific needs and we will get back to you soon with a proposal! Or contact us explaining us what you are looking for and see how we can accommodate your request.

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Thank you for the motivation to keep going!

Looking forward to staying in touch and find out more about funding opportunities, and tips to write a successful international project.

ECAS has an outstanding experience in  providing useful information on EU funding and how to increase your chances to get some of it for your work. Regular “call for proposal” alerts, an Annual Funding Guide plus a crisp and well-structured set of f2f training sessions related to EU funded project know-how do provide best value for money – highly recommended!

I followed ECAS’ training on advocacy, EU fundraising and project management and I would certainly recommend it!
Great format: perfect balance between theory, home assignment and feedback session
Great staff: competent and available
Great approach: useful tips/tools for our day-to-day work and a tailored feedback session for ready-to-use strategy

IMG 4550

ECAS prepared a really insightful training on EU funding for our organisation divided into two sessions (an introduction on the different schemes that suited us and a hands-on follow up), both of which were completely tailored to our needs. The trainer did not only provide us with comprehensive and customised information, but she also gave us feedback on our concept note to improve our future proposal. She also shared extremely valuable tips and tricks on what the European Commission looks for when assessing a project. We would definitely recommend their services!

Picture Claudia Ortiz Reyero

ECAS’ training on the EU budget cycle has helped our office to identify the different stakeholders and advocacy ‘entry points’ in this field. We particularly appreciated the fact that the trainer dwelt a great deal on how significantly the timeframe of the budgetary procedure differs in practice from the one outlined in the Treaties.

Violeta Naydenova 205

J’ai eu l’occasion de suivre une formation chez ECAS dans le but de mieux appréhender les mécanismes des aides et des projets européens destinés aux opérateurs de notre secteur. J’ai pu à cette occasion apprécier la compétence et le pragmatisme des responsables d’ECAS ainsi que des autres intervenants et leur disponibilité à répondre de manière exhaustive à nos questions. J’estime que cette formation va nous permettre d’exploiter au mieux nos ressources et nous éviter de gâcher beaucoup de temps en prospections inutiles.

Gianpaolo Accardo 5

A group of 10 Turkish CSOs led by our organisation participated in a study visit to Brussels organised by ECAS. ECAS offered a training on EU funding and effective advocacy and campaigning, which  was greatly appreciated by our participants and has been a notable experience for them. ECAS also facilitated meetings with Belgian CSOs and EU networks and platforms enabling our participants to exchange information and identify new partnership opportunities.

I took part in a two-day training in Communication and EU Fundraising for civil society organizations organised by ECAS in Tirana. The training fitted perfectly with my day-to-day work in identifying the best communications techniques to approach targeted audiences. Additionally it highly improved my skills in terms of dealing with the most relevant EU funding programs.


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