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EU Funding Guide, Funding Alerts and Helpdesk

Subscription Packages

ECAS’ services are available in three separate packages:

  • Funding Guide, Funding Alerts & Funding Helpdesk (EUR 125 for 12 months)
  • Funding Alerts & Funding Helpdesk (EUR 110 for 12 months)
  • Funding Guide: e-book (EUR 49) or paper copy (EUR 59 + shipping costs)

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European Funding Guide for the Non-Profit Sector

ECAS has published an annual European Funding Guide for the Non-Profit Sector for more than 20 years.

The 2017 edition of the Funding Guide is offered in two formats (e-Book and paper version) in order to meet the different needs and preferences expressed by our readers.

The e-Book offers enhanced accessibility, as it can be consulted anytime and from any electronic device and can also be saved as a PDF file. On the other hand, the paper version remains the classic book for consultation, more suitable for those who are looking for a publication to which they refer on a regular basis.

The Funding Guide provides an excellent starting point for organisations and individuals interested in applying for EU funding as it offers:

  • An introduction to the overarching framework of the EU Funding programmes;
  • Insights on the European Commission priorities and main budget lines relevant for the non-profit sector for 2017;
  • Detailed information about the main EU funding programmes, including practical advice and key contact points;
  • Useful tips and recommendations for preparing a project application;
  • An expanded list and contact details of over 80 non-EU funding sources, including international organisations, national and regional foundations, and private donors in order to meet co-funding needs.

2018 Funding Guide

The 2018 edition of the Funding Guide is currently being compiled and will be available soon.

Funding Alerts and Helpdesk

ECAS offers a funding alert and advice service tailored to the non-profit sector, providing monthly updates of all the latest EU funding opportunities, timely information about networking and information days organised by EU institutions, and individual advice on specific funding programmes and calls.

Funding alerts cover EU grants and tenders in the following areas:

  • Education, Culture, Training and Youth;
  • Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion;
  • Innovation and Research;
  • Environment, Climate Action and Energy;
  • Health, Food and Consumers;
  • Democracy, Information, Citizenship and Transparency;
  • Justice and Rule of Law.

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Funding Guide, Funding Alerts and Helpdesk
EUR 125

Funding Alerts & Helpdesk
EUR 110

Funding Guide 2017 – Ebook format

Funding Guide 2017 – Paper version with Shipment costs

Funding Guide 2017 – Ebook format


Funding Guide 2017 – Paper version with Shipment costs

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